Little Fatty


Lose the Feedback -- Dial in the Fat Tone

Our newest product for pro harp players: The Little Fatty pedal.

-Reduce feedback
-Fatten your tone
-Dial it in to your taste
-No batteries or power supply needed
-Only $45

The Little Fatty will help you get good harp tone through a high gain guitar amp and let you dial in the fat sound you crave.  It does not require any batteries or power supply, and it has only one knob for setup. The initial price is $45. 

Pro touring players often use rental amps available in the towns they play.  That means they are usually faced with playing through a high gain guitar amp such as the Fender Deville.  The Little Fatty allows any player to get workable blues harp tone through an unruly beast of an amp.  The Little Fatty will calm the high gain spikes and warm up the highs that otherwise lead to screaming feedback.  Use the FAT control to dial in the tone you want, from thick low end to singing highs or anything in between.  

It is not intended for use with a good harp amp, such as our Memphis Mini or Memphis 20, or other fine custom harp amps.  It is meant for use with a stock guitar amp that has not been "tubed down" or otherwise had the gain reduced.  

You can pre-order the Little Fatty pedal now, for delivery in January 2018.  It is now in production and I've paid all costs up front.   We are very excited about the LF pedal!  It will offer great value and performance to blues harp players, as with all our products.  Thanks!

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Little Fatty pedal

Little Fatty pedal

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Lose the Feedback -- Dial in the Fat Tone

Take control of unruly high gain amps.

Shipping is $10 in USA, $50 outside USA.

The Little Fatty pedal was designed and developed by Rick Davis and Bruce Collins.

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