BlackJack Cables

Our super-duty cable for amplified blues harmonica -- The BlackJack Cable from Memphis Blues Amps

After decades of playing amped blues harp in clubs, we know the failure point in cables is the link to the terminal connectors.  One sharp yank and the cable can become noisy or dead, even with some expensive premium cables.  Our BlackJack cables prevent that with layers of heavy duty shrink tube at the stress points bonded with hot glue and epoxy.  We do it by hand, constructing the cables and reinforcing the ends, heating them to 600 degrees for a tough, reliable connection that is noise free, gig after gig.

The BlackJack Cable is 18 feet long (5.4m) with a ¼  inch phone plug on one end, terminated on the other end with a ¼ inch plug or a Switchcraft screw-on connector for your vintage mics.  Your signal is carried from the mic to the amp by a stranded copper 20AWG wire protected by thick insulation.   There are two layers of RFI noise shielding around the wires.  A metal foil jacket surrounds the inner cable, covered by a copper wire mesh braid that carries the ground signal.  The cable’s outer jacket is tough black PVC.  These cables are low-noise and long-life.  Before we ship the cables we test them with a meter to ensure full fidelity and zero leakage.