The Memphis 20

Ronnie Shellist:  "I really loved the sound I was getting here. This amp has killer amp tone, not too heavy, and very adjustable tone spectrum. The M20 has that sound you'd expect from a big amp, like a Bassman or Super Reverb." 



The Memphis 20 Amp

-20 watts, very strong
-12 Inch Eminence Cannabis Rex hemp cone speaker
-All tube signal path
-Two 6V6 power tubes
-Tube rectifier, preamp, and phase inverter
-Fixed bias for punch and crunch
-Normal & Bright channels, bridgeable 
-Voiced for blues harmonica
-Hand wired point-to-point on a turret board
-No Printed Circuit Boards!
-Weighs 32 pounds / 14.5 kg.

I finish every amp myself, and I play every amp before it is shipped to ensure it has "that tone."

Minor cosmetic imperfections in the amp are normal and expected.  The amps look great -- exactly as in the photos you see here -- and they are tools for serious players.  



The is $899 + $80 shipping in USA.  Shipping is slightly higher to AK and HI.  

CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE THE USA, please contact us at

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The Memphis 20 Amp

The Memphis 20 Amp

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20 watts, all tube, killer tone. 12-inch hemp cone speaker. 5 weeks wait time. $80 shipping to USA. CUSTOMERS OUTSIDE THE USA, please contact us at

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