MM Harp-Verb

Deep Warm tone for Soulful Blues

There’s nothing like the warm sound of a good reverb effect for blues harmonica.  Our Harp-Verb pedal is tuned specifically for the fat part of the blues harp range.  Stomp on this box and you are in an ocean of tone.  Use the Blend and Reverb controls to adjust the effect to your taste, from a small room to a cathedral.

This pedal is true bypass when switched off.  It will work with any amp, even into a PA system, but it works best with a tube-driven harp amp.  it will work anywhere in your pedal chain, but we recommend your experiment with the pedal order if you use several effects.

Fatten your sound.  Get huge with the Harp-Verb effect pedal.  Ships via USPS Priority Mail, USA only.  Requires a 9V external power supply.

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MM Harp-Verb Pedal

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MM Harp-Verb pedal. Fat reverb for blues harp. Shipping is $12 to most US states. Ships via USPS Priority Mail, USA only. Usually ships out in two days. Requires a filtered 9V external power supply.

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