Pedal Board

This is the pedalboard I put together to carry the pedals we make, and I’m diggin’ it big time.  This thing is extremely portable and handy to carry, with no setup hassles, and it sounds fantastic.  It will enhance your tone and cure the typical amp tone problems you encounter. 

Here are the parts you need to duplicate this: 

Onstage CPB2000 Pedalboard w/ gig bag.  I paid $42

Volto lithium rechargeable power supply for effects pedals.  I paid $99

And, the three effects pedals we make for blues harp 

MM Delay 

MM Boost 

MM Little Fatty 

The MM Delay and MM Boost will fatten up and crunch up your sound through pretty much any amp or PA system. 

The MM Little Fatty will allow you to tame an unruly high-gain guitar amp, such as you might find in a backline.  It is away from the other pedals a bit since it will not be necessary all the time.  If you are faced with a beast of an amp just run a jumper from the Boost to the Little Fatty, and then out to the amp.  Leave it out of the loop if feedback is not an issue. 

The Volto is a must-have piece of kit if you use pedals.  No More Batteries!  It is a lithium rechargeable power source for stomp box pedals, about the size of a mobile phone.  It will easily drive your pedals for an entire gig with clean noise-free power.  The price is $99, and it will quickly pay for itself since you won't be shelling out all the money for batteries. 

-Batteries are expensive.  A good 9V battery costs about $3.50, and most players install a fresh battery for every gig.     

-Batteries can be noisy and the quality of sound can be affected as the battery loses power.   

-It is a hassle to open the pedal up every time to install a new battery.  And a common problem with pedals is pulling the wires loose when you tug on that funky snap connector.  That is so 1980's.   

-Spent batteries are a toxic threat to the environment when thrown away.   

Save a bunch of time and hassle when you set up for the gig.  No more searching for a power outlet (and running an extension cord) for the pedal board.  It’s ready to rock.