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July 20, 2016:  We began shipping the new MM Harpman pedals today, but that does not mean they have all been sent. We have lots of orders to fulfill and we'll work through them in the next few days. It may be the middle of next week before we get caught up.

Thanks to ALL y'all for such a strong response to this new effects pedal. Anti-Feedback + Active Tone Control. It will help you take control of a nasty amp and get good usable tone from it. For a limited time the price is only $49 at



Recently an independent blind comparison test on the “Harmonica Gear” page in Facebook compared the Memphis Mini amp to the sound of a cheap imitator amp.  80 percent preferred the sound the Memphis Mini.

Without knowing which amp was which, the words used to describe the Memphis Mini tone included:

- better
- best
- pitched better
- more versatile
- nicer
- better break up
- easier to listen to
- more bottom end
- full round trumpet-like tone
- satisfying honk and bark when pushed
- less fizzy/fuzzy
- less grainy and biting
- smoother on attack and not as bright
- more pleasant on the ears



The Memphis Mini amp uses a JJ 12AU7 tube in its preamp section for two excellent reasons: 1) It sounds great! 2) It is a dual triode that can perform two duties, not just one. In the MM amp, one half of the 12AU7 tube manages the input from the mic and the other half manages the recovery for the tone control. If your preamp tube is a primitive single pentode like the 6SJ7 it cannot perform the tone recovery. You get only one gain stage. That means your tone control is just a high cut filter that muffles your tone and robs volume from your signal when you try to trim the highs.. It’s like throwing a blanket over your amp. That might sound okay at home as a practice amp but it will get buried on a stage with a band.  

When installed in an amp that was not originally designed for it, the 6SJ7 tube can be peaky, shrill, and prone to feedback, especially if there is no tone recovery circuit.

The MM is a full-on gigging amp with a big punchy sound that cuts through the mix and lets you hear yourself. Part of its 6-month development was weekly sessions on stage at a crowded blues jam every Sunday night at Ziggies in Denver. The MM amp can hang in clubs, and the secondary gain stage for tone recovery is part of that.

Memphis Mini Amp Newsletter - Feb 20, 2014

The Memphis Mini amp has been selling very well!  Thanks to all of you who have ordered the amp.  The reviews from players who have received the amp and are gigging with it are in, and they are all very positive.

The Memphis Mini amp is designed to meet two conflicting criteria:  To be an awesome-sounding amp for working players and to sell for an insanely low price: less than $500.  I’ve been a working blues harp player for many years…  I’ve gone through literally dozens of amps, many of them less than ideal for blues harp.  I’ve modified many guitar amps for harp, with varying degrees of success.  I learned a lot, particularly about what it takes to sound good on stage for a working player.

A few years ago I teamed up with Mission Amps to produce some outstanding custom blues harp amps.  Now I make The Memphis Mini amp, a culmination of all that history.  Everything I know about good amp tone and the challenges faced by harp players is designed into the Memphis Mini.  I am very proud of the amp, and it has become my go-to amp; the only amp I have gigged in the last six months.  I am still amazed at the great vintage tone.  I love listening to myself play.

And I’ve heard many other players use the Memphis Mini amp, from pros like Nic Clark and Ronnie Shellist to beginners and intermediate players.  I host a big blues jam in Denver (Sunday nights at Ziggies) and I bring the MM amp for any player to use.  Truly, it makes any player sound better.  It easily gets that vintage crunch and tone, and it almost never feeds back.

Q & A – Here are some questions I get about the amp:

-Why does it sometimes take up to six weeks for the amp to ship after ordering?

The Memphis Mini amp begins its life in a factory in China, built to our specs.  It is partially completed and shipped to us here in Denver where we finish it with Weber speakers, good tubes, a tone circuit designed for killer blues harp, and a great sounding line out.  Every amp is carefully hand-built by a tech who knows blues harp tone, and I personally inspect and play every amp before it is shipped.

We are working on supply chain strategies to shorten the wait time for the amp.  Please be patient.  Trust me, the MM amp is worth it.  Order now to get your place in the queue.
-Where can I get a cover for the amp?

I like D2F covers.  I have one for the MM amp and several for other amps.  They fit well and are a good value.  The MM amp is listed on their website. 

The Memphis Mini amp is 13 x 13 x 7.5.  The handle on the top is 8.5 inches long x 1.25 inches wide.  It is mounted 2.75 inches from the front of the amp and 2.5 inches from the side of the amp. 

-How does the Line Out work?

This is what makes the little amp roar.  It allows you to connect directly to a channel in the PA mixer.  The amp sends that killer tone through the PA speakers so you can be heard in any venue from a juke joint to a big summer festival.  The MM amp still works normally, so you can use if for a monitor.  You will need to carry a regular instrument cable with you, like a guitar cable.  Plug one end into the Line Out jack on the bottom of the chassis in the back of the amp.  There is only one jack there so you can’t make a mistake.  Plug the other end into a channel on the PA mixer.  PAs tend to be bright, so roll off the Mids and Highs a bit on the mixer channel EQ and boost the lows.  Don’t use any effects, and send a small amount to the monitors.  Big killer tone every time.

-I want to lacquer the tweed.  What should I use?

Read Mike Smith's handy Shellac Tutorial Here

-Where can I get the 6Z4 rectifier tube?

The MM amp comes with a Chinese 6Z4 rectifier, a variant of the venerable 6X4 tube used in some great old amps like the Kalamazoos.  We chose the 6Z4 because it sounds good and it has a good price value, the same criteria we use for all components in the amp.  Some folks have expressed concern that the 6Z4 may be hard to find.  Not so:  You can order from The Tube Store online.  Their shipping is very fast.  I ordered from them and I have been gigging with that tube in the amp.  Failure of rectifier tubes is rare, but they are available in case you need one.  I will keep a few on hand, too

Thanks!  Stay in touch; I’d like to hear from you.  May all your tone be badass.

-Rick Davis
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