Our Pro Endorsers

We are very proud of these players who have chosen to support the Memphis Mini amp.  They are all devoted to tone, and profoundly talented.  They are blue collar working players, gigging in blues clubs and at blues festivals all over America and abroad.  Please, support them by buying their records and attending their shows. 

Jerry Portnoy

Our newest pro endorser is the Blues Harp Master himself, Jerry Portnoy.

“My Memphis Mini gives me that classic Chicago sound in a small lightweight cabinet. I love it!”

Jerry is an elite blues harp player, having played with the Muddy Waters Blues Band for six years and with the Eric Clapton Band for four years.   In all his long career Jerry has endorsed only two harp amps:  his Victoria 45410 "Bassman" and his Memphis Mini.

We are delighted Jerry has decided to become part of the MM amps family. 



Ronnie Shellist

One of the best blues harp players in America.   Ronnie is well known for his amazing tone and virtuosity with the blues harp.  In addition to touring nationwide, Ronnie is one of the top blues harp instructors.  His live Skype lessons will get you up and playing better and sooner than any video or book.  Ronnie was the first working pro harp player to endorse the Memphis Mini amp.



Nic Clark

Nic burst on the blues harp scene at a SPAH convention when he was 14 years old.  He stunned other players with his amazingly deep blues tone, his mastery of the tongue-block style, and his melodic note choices in the blues scales.  Now 21 years old, Nic is a working pro and a Hohner endorsee.


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